Duke Undergraduate Quantum Information Society

An academic-oriented student organization aiming to promote the accessibility of quantum information science and related research opportunities to more Duke undergraduate students.

Promote Interest

We believe that interests in quantum computing among young students are limited by the extensive pre-required knowledge in multiple disciplines. In addition, there are less structured educational programs that target undergraduate training in quantum related fields. Therefore, our primary focus is to fill in this "gap," to the best of our ability, by promoting interests in and exposure to the field.

Provide Pre-research Training

At Duke, courses directly targeted at quantum computing are mostly at 400 or 500 level or above. We would like to help underclassmen navigate these courses and plan accordingly.

Our personal experiences tell us that it is hard for an undergraduate to first get hands-on research, which is different from a course group assignment. We want to provide some tips from upperclassmen or graduate students to help them better transition to research in academia and create a supporting community.

Connect More Undergraduate Students with Researchers

We want to create a community for undergraduate students involved in research in the related field and connect them with graduate students and professors in the field.

We hope to encourage face-to-face communications and involvement of not only undergraduate students, but also graduate students and professors equally.

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