Hackathon. IBM Qiskit SummerJam.

DuQIS just hosted the week-long IBM Qiskit Community SummerJam Hackathon (North Carolina) from June 24th (Wed) to July 1st (Wed). All the projects were developed in Qiskit which is a language based on Python, and every participant was able to run quantum circuits on the actual IBM quantum hardware!

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Chesterfield Visit. See Duke's Quantum Computer for yourself.

We organize lab tours to Duke's ion trap quantum computer located in the Chesterfield Building in downtown Durham. This a $15 million program led by Duke University with seven universities' collaboration.

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Responsive imageProfessor Iman Marvian, Jungsang Kim and Kenneth Brown in Chesterfield with Duke's quantum computer. LES TODD LKT PHOTOGRAPHY, INC.

Q-Lunch. With Faculty from Multiple Quantum Research Fields.

We invite Duke's faculty from different quantum-related research or industry fields to join our biweekly Q-lunch. It is an opportunity for undergraduate students to connect with graduate researchers and professors who are experts in their respective fields and for faculty advisors to inspire the younger generations of quantum scientists!

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House Courses & Meetings.

We offer series of quantum information basics, introductory materials for different tracks of quantum computing research. During our regular meetings, we hold peer advising on course selection, interest matching, tips on getting involved in research as an undergraduate student.